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Scarlet Woman is an animation project I'm trying to develop in my free time, with a mixture of techniques, 3D, motion graphics and traditional.
It began as a joke, as a way to train some techniques of illustration and realisation, as light, shadow and color contrasts with annotations in the details (.. as in Sin city! ) and the challenge of realisation is with only one travel camera, that has 5 plans, to tell a story.

left above_ sketch of the final plan
right above_ a piece of the frame that I'm working for the final plan

Color tests and ambiance for First camera plan 

Scarlet Women _ What does this mean
"Babalon or The Great Whore of Babylon is a feminine concept of sexual freedom, action and power of women, oppressed the Aeon of Osiris and Isis in the sovereign. The characteristic of freedom is not a feminist, but equal to man. The name derives from the Revelation of St. John, but with different spelling (the original Babylon / Babylon the Great, Mother of Abominations) from the experience Frater VVVVV Vision and the Voice, 10th Aethyr. Babalon in Enochian means "perverse" and "prostitute" is "babalond". "

So ... for me turns out to be in free translation, "a woman" any who go through something in the "hard" life. However it is not the main character in the story but the only one that appears.

The rest of the tale story when finished

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