domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

Comics_the Bumb One's


Small 3D test in Photoshop

Characters _ 101

Small exercise of characters creating, starting with basic, square and circle shapes for each character respectively, color tests .. 

The pink-one will be developed for future reference.. 

The green dragon was developed, starting from a 
movement, as if: wherever direction that he was-facing, he would turn away to the opposite side, doing a "S" whit the body.. and taking it, to create something!


Comics_ the Silly Type!

Small comics I'll try to keep regular, everything will be subject to do another page.. but i try to keep it simple .. 

Overall, I try to keep it a boy and a girl as characters


  Home exercise's course that i'm currently doing of Editorial Design. 
   The purpose is to build an "Atlas" of a theme, starting with an image and including more and more images, by association, of any kind that we chose to be!

2_Scarlet (Animation i'm working on)

Happy (late) Easter by the way! :p